Covid 19

The arrival of a new variant of the coronavirus, omicron, has led to the government moving to its winter plan B.  This guidance has been revised to take into account additional measures regarding face coverings in places of worship.  Consequently, unless you have a legitimate reason not to, the wearing of face coverings is now mandatory in places of worship.

It is important to us that everyone who comes into the church feels as safe and as comfortable as possible.  We are fortunate in having a large, lofty church but we currently also have the following additional measures in place:

  1. The main door and windows are open throughout services, when weather conditions allow, for ventilation.
  2. A QR code is available for track and trace, should you wish to use it.
  3. The use of hand sanitiser and social distancing is encouraged.  Please keep a pew apart if you can.
  4. Holy Communion is in one kind only and we wave at each other for the peace.

The good news though is that the singing of hymns and carols, so much a part of Christmas, is still allowed.